Rentline Car rental office in Malaga

If you don't find what you are looking for on our website, please contact our managers by phone and they will find other car options for you that are not on the website
Rentline Car rental office in Malaga

About our rental car office in Torremolinos, Malaga

We are a reputable car rental company in Malaga. We provide car rental in Malaga airport at the lowest prices. Economy cars and low prices are part of our daily offer.

The Best car rental price guarantee

Why rent a car from Rentline Car at a lower price than others? We are not a car rental broker.

If you have not found what you are looking for among our offers on the website, please contact our managers by phone, and they will find for you other options not represented on the website. We constantly researched the car rental market and strive to offer the best prices for car rental in Spain.

Our Special offers

We stand out from other car rental companies in Malaga as follows:

We are completely transparent about our rental conditions. You can familiarize yourself with them before booking and ask us about anything you do not understand.

We provide car rental at Malaga Airport at the lowest prices. Economy class cars and low prices. Rentline Car rental office in Malaga & Torremolinos via

Car park in Malaga

We provide a wide car range, including:

Rent a car for a long term for Spanish residents

Buying a new car is not available to everyone. Renting a car for a long time can be a way out. Have you ever thought about a long-term car rental? Renting a car is not only a good idea during planning your vacation: it can also simplify your daily way of traveling and save money.

You can also include full insurance at no extra cost for greater peace of mind, to be sure that you do not have to pay anything if the car is damaged. If something goes wrong with your long-term car rental, you don’t have to pay pocket expenses associated with regular car maintenance. will provide you with a replacement car. You can safely reach your destination with the confidence that you will get access to the help on the roads of Malaga, if you need it.

Rentline Car provides a unique offer

It is a long-term car rental for Malaga residents and for foreigners. You can book a car for 1, 2 or more months. We have a unique offer for you — contact our managers for further details. You only have to follow the dashboard of the car to add oil or a level of a washer of a windshield if necessary.

Depending on your proposal, you can return your car to our office when you no longer need it. It means that you can rent it for several weeks or several months. Depending on your needs, you will pay only for the time that you need for mobility with a rented car!

Rentline Car rental office in Malaga & Torremolinos via


📌 Equal fuel policy.

📌 Third party insurance with car passenger insurance.

📌 Free roadside assistance.

📌 Free cancellation and change of reservations.

📌 Free delivery to the Malaga Airport

📌 Unlimited mileage.

📌 VAT.

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